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Aphasia Awareness Campaign


Eighteen down and 32 to go!  2015 was the first year!  2016 was the second year!  2017 is the third!  50 states in five years is a challenge. But it can be done!

A new video from Lingraphica (6/28/2017) about Dr. Broussard’s presentation, “A Second Chance at Second Nature; Recovering One’s Language from Stroke & Aphasia.”  


If you are interested in having Dr. Broussard speak (or use SKYPE) with your organization, please send an email to tbroussa@comcast.net

Completed States in 2015: Nine States in Year One!

Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Virginia!

Completed States in 2016: Eight New States in Year Two!  

New York, Maine, Vermont, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware!

Completed States in 2017:  Eighteen (18) States in Year Three!

Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, South Carolina, New York, Maine, Vermont, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware!

2018 (coming this year!)


New Mexico



2019 (coming after that!)…

2020 (coming after that!)…

2021 (coming after that!)…