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“Aim High for Aphasia!” Aphasia Awareness Campaign


Thirty states (32) down and 18 to go!

This is a new video (1/30/2020) discussing Games, Plasticity and the magic of a neural polygraph (duplicating device) from President Thomas Jefferson using his machine to copy over 19,000 letters in the early 1800’s. I used the machine as an analogy of how the brain works to “duplicate” activities on the outside and copy them on the inside with plasticity ink. Check the associated article on this website.

This is a new video (9/12/2019) published by Flagler College FCTV News 13 and student journalist Austin Sanchez discussing Aphasia Awareness and the need for more people to learn about aphasia to the wider public.

A new article was published today (8/7/2018) in Stroke Smart, the online magazine by the National Stroke Association about my Stroke Diary story called “Stroke Survivor Pens Books About Aphasia.”


A new video from Lingraphica (6/28/2017) about Dr. Broussard’s presentation, “A Second Chance at Second Nature; Recovering One’s Language from Stroke & Aphasia.”  


If you are interested in having Dr. Broussard speak (or use SKYPE, ZOOM) with your organization, please send an email to tbroussa@comcast.net

Completed States in 2015: Nine States in Year One!

Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Virginia!

Completed States in 2016: Eight New States in Year Two!  

New York, Maine, Vermont, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware!

Completed States in 2017:  Eighteen (18) States in Year Three!

Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, South Carolina, New York, Maine, Vermont, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware!

Completed States in 2018:  Twenty-three (23) States in Year Four!

Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas!

Completed States in 2019:  Twenty-five (25) States in Year Five!

Michigan and Indiana!

Completed States in 2020: Twenty-six (26) States in Year Six!

Completed States in 2021: 31 States in Year Seven!  Plus India too!

2022: Oregon is #32 now! Hong Kong has been added too!