Love the analogy of the coppicing trees! 

“Hello Tom, Thank you so much for the fantastic interview and information today!  So proud to have this association with you and Aphasia Nation.  You are doing great work and I think we could urge our SLPs to look further into their hospital settings to make sure their info about aphasia listed in the online reference info to give to patients.  I think we would be surprised with how many are missing this diagnosis in the info packets.

Love the analogy of the trees!  I have given away several copies of your book already and am offering it now to the next two donations to come in for MnCAN programs!  I have also shared your cards with several people as a thank you for support.  I think we’ll use them as displays and giveaways at our upcoming fundraiser too.  Thank you so much for sharing these items with us as well.  We look forward to a continuing relationship with you and your mission!  Julia”