Participants survey of my presentation at the CareerSource Northeast Florida career presentation (1/17/2017):

“Tom gave great information. Very interesting analogy with his stroke experience and job search. I learned to always be looking for the next job.”

“Opened my thoughts to expand networking.”

“Very helpful – the conversation about having a stroke and paralleling that to the job market  was an eye opener.”

“Mr. Broussard helped me possibly make a career transition from banking to nonprofit. I was able to realize that I can utilize my skills in a different industry and have a rewarding career.”

“Very good presentation. This meeting helped me refocus my energy in the right direction.”

“I really enjoyed today’s meeting and learned many new ways on transitioning from being unemployed into a new career.”

“New and innovative ideas on different approaches to make a smoother transition in careers.”

Some of the comments from the participants survey of the CareerSource Northeast Florida presentation (1/17/2017)