Aphasia Boot Camp, University of Memphis Speech & Hearing Center (6/24/2021)

“Hi Tom, Thank you again for taking the time to enrich our Bootcamp with your words of wisdom about aphasia. It gave our campers, families and clinicians (including me) a lot to think about – think hard.

I especially appreciate your explanation of enriched speech therapy activities at home. That is timely information with our camp coming to a close next week. Your use of metaphors helps to put a handle on some abstract concepts. The imagery makes them easier to understand.

I think your fan base grew by at least 25 this morning. I will make sure they all have your email & website. After you left the meeting, I encouraged them to subscribe to your newsletter – it’s like a monthly vitamin or shot in the arm from Dr. Tom ;), Sincerely, Tawni”

Tawni Ballinger, MA, CCC/SLP, Aphasia Boot Camp Supervisor, University of Memphis Speech & Hearing Center; Staff Therapist, Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN (6/24/2021).