Tom, you really connect with & inspire these people!

“Dear Dr. Tom, Thank you for speaking to the Aphasia Boot Camp for the 4th summer in a row! You are a favorite to those who already know you…and a new source of inspiration to those hearing you for the first time.

They might have told you I was sick & not able to be there in person. So sorry to interrupt your talk with my “chicken noodle” ha! Thought I was on mute.

Anyway, I zoomed into individual sessions today & they are all making reference to you & your encouragement. You make such a difference!

You’d be so proud of Cydney – she’s led an aphasia advocacy group at Boot Camp this year w/confidence & passion for Aphasia Nation. Patricia’s bus broke down, but she made it to part of your talk.

Tom, you really connect with & inspire these people. Thank you for your important work! Sincerely, Tawni Ballinger”